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Posey 2019 clip ~ Merino ~ naturally dyed ~ Dk weight ~ 210 metres (230 yards)

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Posey grows a strong, soft, reliable fibre that makes a consistent yarn which is then dyed naturally with plants, flowers, roots, leaves, berries, mushrooms, insects, and minerals.  She gives us beautiful white yarn that takes the dyes beautifully.  Posey's 2019 fleece was spun into a lovely Merino 3 ply Dk weight with 210 meters (230 yards) per 100 grams (3.5 ounces).

Debouillet Merino are a cross between the well known "French" Merino, Rambouillet, and the lesser known Delaine Merino.  The Debouillet breed is just 100 years old and boasts a longer staple than most Merinos with great elasticity and resilience.

Posey was the first sheep brought to Gladsheim Farm and she is our gentle giant.  She is clever, kind, and inquisitive.  She loves to follow me around the paddock, waiting on chin scratches and massages.  Posey has earned her granny badge here at the farm and spends her days grazing, turning grass into amazing fibre, and taking care of her many grandbabies.

Posey's wool would be ideal in knits that will be worn next to your skin, like hats, cowls, shawls, sweaters.  The versatility of Posey's yarn is a hallmark of Merino sheep.

  Sheep + Breed ~ Posey (Debouillet Merino)

  Colour ~ naturally dyed with plants, mushrooms, and insects

  Yarn Weight ~ 3 ply Dk weight

  Needles ~ US 5-7 or 3.5-4.5mm

  Gauge ~ 4"= 21 to 24 sts

  Yardage ~ 210 metres (230 yards)

  Weight ~ 100 grams (3.5 ounces)


Gently hand wash in lukewarm water and lay flat to dry, out of direct sunlight.

Notes :

Our wool is grown by our beloved flock of fibre sheep here on our little farm in the mountains of British Columbia.  We take great care in raising our animals and we spend hours handpicking all fleeces before we send them off for processing to a family-run mill in Alberta.  You can be sure that your yarn has been handled with love in all stages of its production. 

Due to the slow method of transforming raw wool into yarn, each small batch is one of a kind and will reference the individual sheep who grew the fibre.  Our yarn is sustainably and naturally dyed using mostly homegrown and locally harvested plants.  Hand dyeing with natural dyes leaves room for subtle differences in dye lots so please ensure you purchase the right amount for your project.  It is a good idea to alternate rows when you move from skein to skein to ensure a smooth transition.

Enjoy using Posey the Debouillet Merino's yarn...she is a pretty special girl!  We hope that the garment you create brings great joy and perhaps becomes an heirloom piece in your wardrobe.


Please understand that all attempts have been made to accurately photograph the colour of this yarn.  Due to the range of individual settings on computers, there may be unavoidable colour variance.