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    Fibre Farming :: Wool Dyeing :: Yarn Loving

    Featuring sheep specific, farm fresh fibre

    Naturally dyed, homegrown fibre

    Luxuriously soft Folklore yarn :: a blend of wool, cashmere and silk

    Wool Maiden

    Fibre Farming

    Fibre Farming

    Wool Maiden's flock of woolies includes Gotland, Shetland, Merino and CVM breeds. We offer sheep specific fibre so that you know the name of the sheep and their breed as you work with the wool. This lets you choose the most appropriate yarn for your individual project.

    Dyeing, Naturally

    Dyeing, Naturally

    Whether we grow the plants ourselves, sustainably wildcraft, or purchase the dyestuff, Wool Maiden takes great care to source ethically grown plants used to naturally dye our sheep's farm fresh fibre.

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