Wool Maiden

rainbow chard

The cheerful stalks of Rainbow Chard growing in our garden are delightful with their warm harmonizing hues of reds, pinks, oranges and yellows.


In early summer, our hen house becomes a brooding pen for dozens of newly hatched chicks. While they stay warm and dry, the tiny chicks feather out and transform from buttery shades of yellow to snow white.



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wild cherry

My children spend many hours in our sour cherry tree, picking plump fruit and savouring the taste of summer. Reddish purple streaks are the tell-tale signs that they have been feasting on the juicy ripe wild cherries.

a little about..

Wool Maiden

Like so many before me, having my own children led me to knitting which had me try handspinning.  Soon enough, I was experimenting with natural dyes wildcrafted from the mountainsides where we live or from our own gardens.  It seemed a very natural extension of my lifelong love of all things woolly to acquire sheep, and our little flock of Merinos and Romneys is rapidly growing.  Today, you may find me somewhere on our homestead, either homeschooling with my children, repairing fences with my husband, tending my flock of sheep, or happily relaxing with fleece in hand.  I hope you enjoy your visit here…and maybe find a little yarn for yourself.

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