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Stitch a Pair of Tomtens Kit

$22.00 $20.00

Festive and fun, these handwork kits will surely bring out the holiday cheer!

The Tomten Kit includes everything you need to make two different coloured Tomtens.  The pattern is pre-cut out of wool felt so all that is required is for you to pick up the needle and begin stitching! 

The finished decorations are approximately 13 cm long (5") and can be hung on the wall, mantelpiece or tree, or used to decorate gifts, shelves, and tables. 

Tomtens are Scandinavian spirits that protect the homestead and its animals.  Identified by their fluffy beards, long hats, and round noses, Tomtens faithfully protect all two and four legged critters if they themselves are treated with respect!

These kits have been enjoyed by people of all ages, including children aged 5 years old and up.  (Of course, this all depends on your child's confidence with stitchwork and may require some adult support). 

Kits include everything to make two different coloured Tomtens :

~ all pattern pieces for 2 Tomtens

~ wool stuffing from our own sheep

~ wool locks for Tomten's beard

~ bell for the tip of the hat

~ wooden bead for nose

~ embroidery thread for sewing and embellishing

~ embroidery needle

~ instructions

* Keep in mind, there are some very small parts in these kits and may be inappropriate for children under 5 years of age.