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Bonnie ~ Shetland ~ undyed ~ Worsted weight ~ 150 metres (165 yards)


Bonnie the Shetland grows a rich dark brown fleece that was made into a 3 ply Worsted weight yarn with 150 metres (165 yards).  The result is a gorgeous wool with substantial loft, coveted for both its colour and its springy softness.

Shetland sheep hail from Britain's northernmost islands and can be traced back to more than a thousand years old, making Shetland sheep one of the oldest known sheep breeds.  With eleven main colours and over thirty different types of markings, Shetland wool has an incredible array of possibilities.

Bonnie came to Gladsheim Farm in 2019 and is a dark brown Shetland with solid markings.  She also happens to be one of our sweetest girls.  While she may be a little shy at first, once she gets to know you, Bonnie will waste no time asking for chin scratches or massages whereupon she may decide to just curl up in a cuddle puddle at your feet.  She is a clever girl, too, and takes the opportunity to find choice grazing grounds, even if that means climbing a fence to get there!  Bonnie is a doting mother and has effortlessly given us many lambs, including Dorrie and Edie.

Bonnie's yarn is lofty and beautifully soft, making it the perfect choice for warm and cozy next-to-your-skin garments.  Like the breed itself, Bonnie's yarn is versatile, strong, and amazingly soft.


  Sheep + Breed ~ Bonnie : Shetland

  Colour ~ dark chocolate brown

  Yarn Weight ~ 3 ply Worsted weight

  Needles ~ US 7-9 or 4.5-5.5 mm

  Gauge ~ 4"= 16 to 20 sts

  Yardage ~ 150 metres (165 yards)

  Weight ~ 100 grams (3.5 ounces)


Gently hand wash in lukewarm water and lay flat to dry, out of direct sunlight.


Notes :

Our wool is grown by our beloved flock of fibre sheep here on our little farm in the mountains of British Columbia.  We take great care in raising our animals and we spend hours handpicking all fleeces before we send them off for processing to a family-run mill in Alberta.  You can be sure that your yarn has been handled with love in all stages of its production. 

Due to the slow method of transforming raw wool into yarn, each small batch is one of a kind and will reference the individual sheep who grew the fibre.  Please ensure you purchase the right amount for your project as given the nature of small batch yarn, there may be variations in fleeces from year to year.

Enjoy using Wool Maiden's farm raised yarn from our wee Bonnie lass.  We hope that the garment you create brings great joy and perhaps becomes an heirloom piece in your wardrobe.


Please understand that all attempts have been made to accurately photograph the colour of this yarn.  Due to the range of individual settings on computers, there may be unavoidable colour variance.